Funeral Home Management Software



FSAR has been serving the Funeral Home Industry for over 25 years.

FSAR has been serving the Funeral Home Industry for over 25 years. If you are currently looking for software to run your Funeral Home business, and want to see what the latest technology can do for you, call us at 800-506-3727 for an on-line demo.

The FSAR system brings together technologies such as the newest cell phones and tablet devices. Accountability and Productivity will not drop when you are out of the office, because you stay connected and can easily follow any of your business activities.

No need to synchronize phone lists among Directors, because ALL numbers are centralized on your web-based Funeral Management System.

The FSAR system also brings you into the 21st century with its email feature allowing you to send Bills, Death Notices, Product Orders, Programs of Service, and just about any form directly, saving you time as well as postage. FSAR removes the burden of maintaining, securing, and backing up your data. Your data is replicated on multiple servers in different regions of the country and traverses the Internet in encrypted form. Access is controlled by logon Id, so you decide ‘who can do what’.

The FSAR platform allows you to attach documents and images to the funeral records. When you do a call for a family member whose relative you buried, you can recall a picture of the casket that was used.

Some other specific features of the FSAR system:

  • Can work from any location
  • No software loading or reloading on any of your equipment
  • Unlimited user license arrangement
  • No additional hardware investment necessary
  • Customize Contracts and Bills
  • Easily split bills among family members if necessary
  • Retain separate PreNeed and AtNeed contracts/charges
  • Allows for Private (password protected) phone directories
  • Virus Free
  • Many open note areas — unlimited notes
  • Can auto populate Cemetery charges such as Opening, OBC, Overtime
  • Fully integrated A/R
  • Integrates with your web site to automatically post death notices and service info
  • Integrates with Quickbooks for A/P, G/L, and Financial statements
  • Summary Page designed to respond to inquiries by family and friends

FSAR Customer, Star of David Funeral Home


FSAR has made an enormous difference in our productivity and efficiency. Prior to learning about and implementing the FSAR system into the day to day operations of our funeral home, we utilized a hodgepodge of Quickbooks and a very limited information system that forced us to make multiple entries of the same data.

With FSAR, once the information is entered, every form we could possibly need to handle a funeral is generated, saving us tremendous time as we plan for a service. Additionally, accessing important information is a piece of cake.

The web-based system is an amazing concept. I was recently in an Apple store with my son when my phone rang because a case had broken.. I had recently input it into the FSAR system as an ‘expect’ file. I simply walked over to an Ipad, logged onto the system, and accessed all of the information I needed to converse with the family. It must have appeared to the family that I was sitting at my desk when they called…while I was in the mall with my son.

On top of all of the solutions that FSAR has provided, including the foundation to handle the exponential growth of our business, I must say the developer of FSAR, Jim O’Brien, is the most responsive and pleasant person I have ever dealt with when it comes to tech support. He always answers his phone and makes time to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Thus far every customization or feature we have asked him to make has been implemented promptly. I couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to support.

I cannot imagine a better information system and tool for funeral directors than FSAR.

Kevin Gray
Star of David Memorial Chapels