Wholesale Distribution

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FSAR’s Web-based software is a complete turnkey system. Multiple servers insure uninterrupted access to your data. Security designed into the system gives you control over who has access to sensitive data. The FSAR application tracks inventory by product number, lot number, AND purchase order origin, so it is perfect for companies who are merchandising lot-controlled goods, or items requiring strict government oversight. FSAR specializes in customizing the software to meet your unusual business requirements. Flexible Pricing allows you to control discounts by volume or utilize a customer tiered system.

Sales reps can enter orders on the road, but the system limits their scope to just their own accounts to keep unauthorized data from their view. The same access can be given to customers so they can interact with your system. You must see this system in action to appreciate all its functionality! Call us at 800-506-3727 to arrange a demonstration.

Below are some of the General Features of the FSAR web server-based software:

  • Can work from any location
  • Works great with the latest smart phones and tablets
  • Allows documents to be attached to emailed Invoices
  • Unlimited user license arrangement
  • Security
    • Data encrypted during transmissions
    • Backups done automatically
    • Access controlled by login
    • Access controlled by department
    • Limits Sales reps to their accounts
    • Limits Customers to their Orders
    • Financial and sensitive Info limited to authorized personell
    • Data resides on multiple servers at different locations
  • No additional hardware investment necessary
  • No software loading or reloading on any of your equipment
  • No Client action for Updates — Servers maintained by FSAR
  • Keeps a centralized, indexed, phone directory so you don’t need to synchronize your cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Allows for Private (password protected) phone directories
  • Virus Free
  • Customization available

Call us at 800-506-3727 to arrange a demonstration